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About Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CSSH shelter volunteer! Our Code Blue shelter is CSSH's core service to our unsheltered neighbors in Central Bucks, and it is central to our mission. Without a large group of trained volunteers, our shelter cannot open, and our mission will fail. This fall, we hope to increase our registered, trained volunteer roster by 50% , thus lightening the load so that many more can share the work, and none are overburdened.

Volunteering in the CSSH Code Blue shelter is an incredibly rewarding and an impactful way to give back.  Here are some key facts about volunteering that may help you decide if becoming a Code Blue volunteer is right for you:

  • Volunteers are offered comprehensive training and support;

  • Volunteers are  well prepared and supported by an experienced volunteers and shelter leaders at all times;

  • You may request to shadow an experienced volunteer before signing up for your first shift.

  • There are a range of shift opportunities available, ranging from under two hours for van operation or morning clean up; three, four or four and a half hours maximum for nightly shelter volunteer shifts;

  • An experienced shelter manager is assigned for each open night, who is present from 7-10 and available by phone throughout the night;

  • Volunteers never serve alone. 

  • Detailed instruction guides, supplies  and resources are available at the shelter site for volunteers to reference as needed.


Shelter service is safe, because we adhere to CDC guidance and safety protocols. You may be surprised to learn that our Code Blue Shelter is a warm and friendly place to spend a few hours doing good for those in need. If you are interested in learning more about joining our work, please consider taking our Volunteer Shelter Training. Check below for further information. 

If you have questions about volunteering, call 866-390-0291, ext. 706

Thank you in advance for your consideration!




To Be a Code Blue Volunteer:

All volunteers must complete a  Volunteer Shelter Training session, either online or in-person. You can find the dates and times for in-person sessions on the "New Volunteer Training" link below. Most of the training sessions are scheduled for the fall, with one in January. The dates and times are posted by mid-October.

We also offer on-line training which you will find on the same page, this training is available on-demand. 

For details and to select your training, click here:  New Volunteer Training

For assistance, contact Megan at 866-390-0291 ext. 0 or

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