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Coalition to Shelter & Support the Homeless
Welcomes New Executive Director
NBuckley Headshot.jpg

CSSH  is excited to welcome Nicole Buckley-Mormello as our new Executive Director.


Nicole is an experienced, highly qualified, and talented nonprofit manager, whose guidance will lead to continuous improvement to the impact and reach of the program and delivery of our mission. CSSH’s Board of Directors anticipates that Nicole will bring her skills and experience to bear to develop CSSH’s operational strategies and outcomes so that the many services provided to homeless individuals in the Central Bucks community by CSSH will be greatly enhanced.

Nicole is a dedicated and creative leader with over twenty-five years of leading nonprofit organizations. She has extensive experience advocating for vulnerable populations experiencing complex issues. These populations include serving people with intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse disorders, and unhoused individuals. Nicole is incredibly enthusiastic about the Employment First movement and supporting people to have meaningful work and career path experiences. Regarding her new position with CSSH, Buckley-Mormellos stated, "I am excited to join CSSH and look forward to helping this impactful organization to continue to grow and develop the essential services they provide.”

Nicole’s work has involved ensuring that individuals, families, and communities have access to the information, tools, and other resources that they need to make informed decisions and have an improved quality of life. She believes that change happens when a person has an encouraging circle of support, promoting actionable self-determination. 

In her free time Nicole enjoys painting, cooking, the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and her two dogs. Nicole is honored to serve alongside so many caring volunteers and professionals who truly embrace the mission of the Coalition to Shelter and Support the Homeless. 


Nicole is looking forward to working with the volunteers, committees, board of directors and our guests. 


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