Coalition to Shelter - VOLUNTEER TRAINING - Newtown, PA
Coalition to Shelter  - Today's Homeless Look Like You and Me
Volunteer Training Information
Volunteer Training Opportunities
Fall 2014:
For New Volunteers:
1. Sunday, October 19, Neshaminy Warwick Presbyterian Church
                                10:30 AM   (auditorium)
2. Saturday, November 1, Doylestown Presbyterian Church
                                 9:30 AM    (Andrews Hall, room 213)
3. Sunday, November 9, Doylestown United Methodist Church
                                12:30 PM
4. Sunday, November 16, Trinity Episcopal Church, Buckingham
                                   Noon       (Faith Hall)
5. Sunday, December 7, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Doylestown
                                 12:30 PM
Site Orientation Meetings:
Site Orientation meetings will take place at each Site the week before they begin hosting the shelter, and are open to all previously trained volunteers and all newly trained volunteers. The one hour meeting will consist of orientation to the site, supplies storage, and procedural updates.
1. Saturday, November 29, Neshaminy Warwick Presbyterian Church
                      10:00 AM
2. Saturday, December 27, Trinity Episcopal Church, Buckingham
                       9:30 AM
3. Saturday, January 24, Doylestown Presbyterian Church
                       10:30 AM