Coalition to Shelter - VOLUNTEER SCREENING - Newtown, PA
Coalition to Shelter  - Today's Homeless Look Like You and Me
CSSH requires a mandatory background screening for all volunteers.  This ensure the safety and security of other volunteers and homeless guests on code blue nights. 
Procedure for Background Screening
1.  First, you must sign up and complete volunteer training.  Sign up can be done through our Volunteer Training Page on this website.
2.  Once training is completed, you will be given an instruction sheet with a web address and special package code which will allow you to complete the background screening process.
Background Check Website:
3. You will be contacted by email and given the results of your background check and directions for signing up for code blue nights.  If there is a question about any information on the background check, the officers of the board will be consulted and a final decision will be made about eligibility.  If you wish to have a copy of your background check, please contact CSSH in writing to request it, or go back to and print it out.
If you have any questions or concerns please email us at or call 215-371-3945.