Coalition to Shelter - DRIVER TRAINING - Newtown, PA
Coalition to Shelter  - Today's Homeless Look Like You and Me
  To qualify to drive for CSSH you must first complete a Volunteer Training session. Volunteer Training classes for 2014 are listed under the Volunteer Training tab.
  Driver Training will take place immediately upon the conclusion of each Volunteer Training session, in the Training Site parking lot. There will also be a training in December. You may attend any of the Driver Training classes if you wish to be a van driver for CSSH.
Driver Training:
  1. Sunday, October 19, Neshaminy Warwick Presbyterian Church
             approx. 12:15 PM
  2. Saturday, November 1, Doylestown Presbyterian Church
             approx. 11:15 AM
  3. Sunday, November 9, Doylestown United Methodist Church
             approx. 2:15 PM
  4. Sunday, November 16, Trinity Episcopal Church, Buckingham
             approx. 1:45 PM
  5. Sunday, December 7, Neshaminy Warwick Presbyterian Church
                        1:30 PM